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Our U.S.-based engineering department employs eight full-time engineers with varied backgrounds: civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical. Depending on the job, we utilize the most suitable experience to design the best solution for you. Working in cooperation with our U.K.-based engineering department in our Quenington facility, and the staff of Xylem, you have engineering support with you no matter your location.

Our product design engineers utilize the most up-to-date computer assisted drafting (CAD) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools to help design and engineer everything from a new model of pump, to a large-scale or highly-complex pumping system.

Our applications engineers design pumping systems specific to your applications. You need to be sure that the system will fit the job site before a single pump is shipped. Our product design and applications engineers are backed by more than 100 years of experience, with expertise to help you choose the right pump for your application. Whether the job is big or small, our people work hard to provide the extra attention and support needed to make your job run smoothly.

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